About Us


I would like to introduce our family and company to you. We are True Missouri Pecans. The name True comes from my mother's maiden name and serves well in describing our pecan business. If you haven't had the chance to taste the difference in our pecans and the southern pecans on the market, you and your customers are in for a treat. Being a family owned business we take pride in our work. We would love to show it to you!


Our pecan groves grew naturally hundreds of years ago. We are now the fifth generation picking from these trees and pride ourselves on the quality of our native pecans. Whether baking, cooking, or eating them raw or roasted, the flavor shines through in our product!


The agriculture industry has moved more towards grafting pecan trees in order to grow a larger nut. This results in a lower quality product and less flavor. Here at True Missouri Pecans, we do our best to keep our nuts natural. We don't graft our trees allowing them to hold their rich flavor and natural sweet taste.

Certified Kosher


 True Missouri Pecans is certified kosher, ensuring the quality of our Native Pecans. We are sure to maintain a clean and organized facility for the production of our pecans. We take pride in our work and what we do here, being careful not to compromise the taste of our nuts.